The Gunmaker (2018)

October 27, 2018

Gerald Bogad has been working in the artisan tradition of the Ferlacher gunsmiths for 40 years but does not hunt or kill animals. Part philosopher, part craftsman, Gerald’s work has allowed him to live the life he chooses while making an impact on his culture and the heritage that he represents.

“Wood is warm. Metal is cold. Two different lives but connected with one another in a symbiosis.”

Gerald Bogad

Director’s statement: Mark Abouzeid

At one point in time, the Katana, Halberd and Speer, were considered arms of war while today they would be considered artefacts or ornaments. No one would seriously consider them for protection or human aggression. Why is it that some cultures equate guns with protection and others with tools for life?

Gunstockmaker and gunsmith Gerald Bogad collaborated with Real Lives MultiCultural Association to produce this documentary about the traditional artisan craft. The goal of this film is the transfer of knowledge about the profession of the Ferlach School gunstockmakers in order to motivate future generations to take up this profession.

“I come from Lebanon, a society where every person has at least one or more guns in their home. I live in Austria where, once again, gun ownership is one of the highest among developed countries, yet in both cases the homicide or death by firearm rate is almost non-existent.

Mark Abouzeid

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