Voces Indígenas Rainforest Storytelling Workshop

January 24, 2020

A ten-day storytelling workshop for international writers, artists and filmmakers submerging into the lives, culture and nature of the Peruvian Amazon and its indigenous people.

Indigenous and International Mentors, Rainforest Storytelling Workshop


Guided by a diverse Team of acclaimed international creatives and Peruvian indigenous leaders, participants will be exposed to the raw nature of the rainforest, conflicting forces impacting indigenous communities and sustainable activities to address climate change.

Each participant will develop a short provocation/artwork under the guidance and supervision of the Team. Unlike other workshops, the local inhabitants will not be mere characters in these stories but will serve as mentors, project collaborators and cultural mediators. The process of creation will require some form of partnership between local and international storytellers in defining, style, method, message and culture.

Organized by Real Lives Multicultural Association to raise awareness for the project “Voces Indígenas: Empowering Indigenous Youth through Indie Filmmaking”, proceeds of the workshop will provide equipment and scholarships to the project. Workshop participants will be guided by storytelling experts from diverse backgrounds, experience and skills:

  • Rafael Chanchari Pizuri | Shawi teacher, shaman and philosopher
  • Juan Carlos Galeano | Amazonian poet, filmmaker and professor
  • Mark Abouzeid | Filmmaker, visual artist and storyteller
  • Sophie Beer | Object artist, art historian and cultural manager
  • Leoncio Ramírez Vásquez | Photographer, producer, Amazon expert

The workshop will take place in various setting including the urban river-based culture of Iquitos, the tropical rainforest surroundings of the Tambopata National Reserve, and the facilities of Formabiap’s indigenous bi-lingual education centre at Zúngarococha.

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